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“State of the Art Equipment”

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In our production facility we have some of the most modern equipment in our area. This equipment allows us to produce a high quality product more efficiently. Most of the equipment is computer controlled so our products are delivered more accurately to ensure a proper fit.

Modern Equipment for High Quality Cabinetry


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Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

2006 Thermwood CNC Router:

The 7 x 12 foot CNC router makes quick precision cuts every time for a consistent reliable product. The router can produce detailed shapes, carvings, and designs of any style. It allows us to manufacture MDF doors and make dovetail drawer boxes in house. This computer operated machine allows us to have the highest standards of quality control for our cabinets. It reduces manufacturing time and gets our product to you quicker.

Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Holz-her 1435SE Edgebander:

The computer controlled edgebander provides a seamless fit to a perfectly built cabinet. The edgebander applies a band of wood on the edges of the cabinet face to allow for a flawless finish.

Holz-her 1435SE Edgebander
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Ganno-Mat Case Clamp:

The pneumatic Case Clamp ensures that our cabinets are constructed perfectly square allowing for a flawless fit upon installation.

Ganno-Mat Case Clamp
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Fully Equipped Finishing Department:

The spray booth is where we apply our professional grade finishes to our products. By finishing the products in our facility we are able to have the highest quality control standards. Additionally, you receive pre-finished cabinetry to save you the cost and hassle of having them finished on the jobsite by a painter. We can apply custom mixed stains as well as tinted lacquer top coats.

Fully Equipped Finishing Department
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

5,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse

5000 square foot warehouse
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Holz-her 1265 Panel Saw:

The 6 x 12 foot panel saw allows us to make cuts on large pieces of material for your custom project.

Holz-her 1265 Panel Saw
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Pneumatic Sanders and Downdraft Sanding Table:

To ensure beautiful finishes, all of our wood products are sanded with professional quality pneumatic orbital sanders. We also have a stationary edge sander. Sanding is the key ingredient in achieving a perfectly smooth finish.

Pneumatic Sanders
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Drilling Machines:

We are able to drill pocket hole screws for a seamless look to your cabinets with our Kreg automatic pocket hole machine. Most of our cabinets come fitted with clip on European type hinges that are fitted to exact tolerance with our Blum Minipress.

Drilling Machines
Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Trucks and Trailer:

Our products are delivered quickly and conveniently in our 24’ curtain side box truck, covered 24’ trailer, or by a LTL freight carrier.

Trucks and Trailer Trucks and Trailer

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