Blue Ridge Cabinetworks specializes in commercial
cabinetry and millwork.”

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Our cabinetry is rigorously inspected at every stage of production to ensure it meets AWI standards...”

Our Difference

Blue Ridge Cabinetworks is a state of the art cabinetry and furniture production facility that serves the commercial and food service market. We have the expertise to produce your project, whether it’s cabinetry, furniture, store fixtures, restaurant serving lines, or apartment/condominium cabinetry.


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Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

Located in Spartanburg, SC, Blue Ridge Cabinetworks (BRC) has a staff of experienced cabinetmakers, finishers and installers who specialize in custom casework for commercial applications. The firm occupies a 10,000 SF facility that contains some of the most advanced computerized woodworking equipment available today. BRC takes pride in their expertise to execute any size project, whether it is decorative commercial casework, restaurant furniture, store fixtures, food preparation lines, or residential style cabinetry. Stainless steel, laminate and solid surface countertops can be provided and installed as an integral part of the overall project.

As expressed by founder Ben Ratterree, the key to BRC’s success is in providing a “Turn-Key” service for each customer. From a basic architectural layout, each cabinet component and fixture is detailed with the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software before being released for production. This specialized software enables each customer to see a computer-generated model of their individual project before fabrication begins. Once sent to the production floor, each component is machine cut on the Thermwood CNC Router to a tolerance of 1/1000 of an inch prior to assembly by trained and experienced cabinetmakers. From there, it is moved to the finishing department where custom stains and professional-grade coatings are carefully applied in a dust-controlled environment. Throughout the manufacturing process, all casework is rigorously inspected at each stage of production to ensure that it meets or exceeds standards set by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). After finishing is completed, the entire assembly is transported to the jobsite for installation by BRC’s experienced staff of craftsmen or owner-furnished specialty contractors. It is this approach that allows BRC to deliver time-sensitive projects in the most efficient manner.

Blue Ridge Cabinetworks Salsaritas

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